Day 11 (Parker, AZ – Salome, AZ)


After 30 miles of feeling like roadkill-to-be yesterday on the interstate, today was a welcome return to form.

Today was the first day that kind of just flew by. I still got 30 miles in, but it didn’t feel like it at all. I just put on my headphones, listened to some podcasts, and before I knew it the day was over.

One of the highlights was on my first run of the day. I came across a gentleman on a bicycle named Ron, who is riding across America. We stopped and chatted very briefly. He’s from Butler, PA, which I was very surprised to hear. It really is a small world.

Later in the day, my dad and I met Dennis and Kathy Westergreen, who own the Iron Horse Grill and Spirits. They were very kind and showed us around their restaurant. They also gave us some helpful advice on the terrain we’ll be going through the next couple days.

That’s about it from today. I’m still feeling good, so hopefully it stays that way.


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