Day 10 (Blythe, CA – Parker, AZ)


After taking yesterday off, I felt completely rejuvenated today. I needed that extra energy too.

We found an alternate route from Blythe to Parker that cut over two days off the schedule. The only catch was that it required running 30 miles on interstate 10.

While it wasn’t ideal to run on an interstate, it was definitely worth it to save having to run all those extra, unnecessary miles.

It wasn’t terrible though. My legs felt better than ever, and it wasn’t nearly as hot as the week before. Granted, it still got up to 90 degrees, which is sad when that’s considered mild.

We found a nice camp to stay for the night. It supposedly made the list of top 200 RV camps in the US, although it feels more like top 250 material to me.

We’re staying next to an RV so ridiculously, unnecessarily huge and high tech that it could easily rival Pete and P.J.’s RV in ‘A Goofy Movie’. And that thing had a freaking bowling alley AND a water bed/aquarium!

Anyways, tomorrow should be a good day. Temperatures aren’t supposed to get too high, and the road I’ll be running on is a big step up from today.


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