Day 9 (Day Off)


Spent the day at a campsite right on the Colorado river. it felt like I had restless leg syndrome all day. In the short amount I’ve time I’ve spent doing this run so far, I think my body has already adjusted to running 30 miles a day, all day every day. So just sitting around and relaxing, while enjoyable, also felt strange.

It did feel good to just have a peaceful day of sitting around, reading and taking it easy. But now I’m more ready than ever to get back at it first thing tomorrow morning.

On my first run I’ll be crossing into Arizona, as well as crossing into a different time zone. So that will be a good way to start the day for sure.

We spent part of today looking ahead to the next week, and it’s awesome to see the kind of progress that I should be able to make in a short amount of time. It looks like I’ll be in Flagstaff in about a week, which I’m very excited about.

Until then, I’m just going to keep at it and enjoy the ride.


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