Day 4 (Borrego Springs, CA – Thermal, CA)


Running in the desert all day sounded like it was going to be hell, but it actually turned out to be my best day yet. It probably helps that I’ve seen Breaking Bad, so I know how to tread lightly out here.

I got an early start on the morning to beat the heat. I’d only planned on starting out with an 8 miler, but I was feeling good and the heat wasn’t too bad yet, so I extended it to 10, took a quick water break, and went right back out to do another 5.7.

Getting a large chunk of my miles done early was a good feeling, and something I’ll probably try to continue doing.

We found a small rv campsite in the middle of nowhere, set up camp and rested for a while. I was initially hesitant to run in the middle of the day today, especially since the people running the camp said that we were about to go out at the hottest part of the day, but with no humidity it actually wasn’t bad at all. I did 10 miles, went back to the campsite for a little while, then went back out to do 4.3 more to get my 30 miles in for the day.

There’s very limited cell service out here, but we found a place down the road where we do get a signal, so I’m currently sitting on the side of the road writing this. We’re heading back to camp now to get some dinner and call it a night. I’ll check back in with you all tomorrow. Goodnight.

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