Day 3 (Lake Henshaw, CA – Borrego Springs, CA)


Today had it’s ups and downs, starting with the worst run of the trip and ending with the best.

I decided to switch things up today and do 5 runs of 6 miles, with shorter breaks in between, instead of 3 runs of 10 miles. The first two runs of the day were awful. There were steady headwinds of 50 – 60 mph. That’s no exaggeration or joke. It was brutal. At one point I started walking because when both of my feet left the ground at once I was just running in place.

I fully expected the rest of the day to be just as horrible, but to my surprise, things really turned around on the third run. It helped that it was mostly downhill and the scenery of the desert I was running through was astonishing. I ended up doing 8 miles because I felt so good.

After a very short break, I set out to do a five miler. Somehow, within the 15 minutes between runs, the temperature spiked up into the mid 90s. It was a bit rough, but the fact that I was still going downhill the whole way made it not so bad.

Because of the high heat, I waited until the sun went down to do my last run. This was the best I’ve felt since the first run on day one. My legs felt fresh and loose and not at all like I had just run 90 miles in three days.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be a scorcher, so I’m going to have to get an early start on the day. As a wise Olympian once told his son who told me: “You can’t hang with the owls if you want to soar with the eagles.” I believe that applied more to not staying up all night and getting annihilated, so it doesn’t quite apply to this situation. But oh well, I’ve got to throw some words of wisdom in here every once in a while.

5 thoughts on “Day 3 (Lake Henshaw, CA – Borrego Springs, CA)

  1. Hi Garth (or any runners/walkers reading this), if not doing it already, use the free app Charity Miles to raise money for your charity while you walk, run, or bike (.25/mi for running or walking and one of the charities is Stand Up To Cancer!)
    Happy running!

  2. God’s speed to you brother. I completed 3081 miles from LA to NY last year (150 days). I know well the hourly and daily battles you will be facing. Strength, patience and endurance to you!

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