Day 2 (Valley Center, CA – Lake Henshaw, CA)


Despite today being significantly hotter and my legs being significantly more tired, I’d say it still went pretty well. The first run went pretty well, but the last few miles were a bit rough.

Afterwards, we got lunch at a casino where I enjoyed some authentic casino Mexican food. Needless to say, running a half hour later was perfect timing on my part.

I thought for sure that my second run would be terrible, but I actually felt better than the first. (Thank you, carne asada burrito.)

It finally started to cool down by time my third run began this evening, which made for a much more pleasant and enjoyable run. I ended up cutting the last run off at 8 miles, because it became far too dark and I didn’t want to end up like the 482 road kill I’ve already run by these last two days.

Overall it was a good day. I’m starting to get a taste of the pain that my body will have to endure these next few months, and trying my best to learn to get through it. Another positive is that I’m finally out of the most congested part of California, which will make things a bit easier. But only a bit.

4 thoughts on “Day 2 (Valley Center, CA – Lake Henshaw, CA)

  1. You make Canton proud Garth !!!!!!! Your Grandma Kate would be so proud also. Your in our thoughts and prayers as you take this big challenge. Stay safe

  2. Carne Asade burritos are not every athletes secret to success. You should think about asking Qdoba for a sponsorship.

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