Day 1 (Oceanside, CA – Valley Center, CA)


The past few weeks have been a bit torturous, knowing that this run was so close, and yet I was still stuck running in circles. So I cannot emphasize enough how amazing it feels to finally have finally begun.

I started the first leg of my run this morning on the Oceanside Pier at 7am. This run mostly consisted of following the San Luis Ray bike path.

It was a beautiful morning and many people were out getting their daily exercise in while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. Everyone except for one individual who rode by on a motorized scooter that sounded very similar to Godzilla’s roar, only louder.

A couple of hours after completing my first run, I set out on the second. This was definitely the toughest of my three runs, but I assumed that would be the case. Being the middle of the day, it was obviously hotter, and the fact that I had another run later was a bit discouraging. Overall though it really wasn’t that bad. The best part was definitely the mile that I got to run by a gigantic strawberry field that smelled fantastic. I’d highly recommend everyone find a strawberry field and spend 10-15 minutes smelling it. Or just go to your local Yankee Candle and smell a strawberry scented candle.

In between the second and third runs, my dad and I stopped at a local winery/antique museum. It was mostly antique cars, but they did have an entire room dedicated to Barbie dolls, so there was really something for everyone.

The third run of the day went surprisingly very well. There was quite the incline for a couple of miles, but I didn’t mind.

I finished the day with 33 miles, so I’m very happy with how this run has begun. Hopefully there are plenty more good days to come. But even when those inevitable bad days arrive, I’d like to think that I’ll be ready to take on whatever challenges are thrown my way. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


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