I’ve put together a tentative schedule of where I’ll be starting and finishing each day of my run. Anyone who wants to come out and run a portion with me or just come to provide moral support, let me know and we’ll be sure to meet up! The best way to get ahold of me is by email at 

Now, this schedule is a very rough estimate, and the dates and locations are subject to change at any time. I will keep you all up to date on any and all changes to the schedule as we go. 

Also, you may notice that I am now starting the run in Oceanside, CA instead of Los Angeles. We’ve decided that it’s going to be much easier to navigate our way out of Oceanside, and we found a bicycle route that starts from there, so i’ll be following that to get started.

There’s plenty more exciting things to come as the run draws closer, so stay tuned!


Tentative Schedule

                            Start – Finish

May 11: Oceanside, CA – Temecula, CA

May 12: Temecula, CA – San Jacinto, CA

May 13: San Jacinto, CA – White Water, CA

May 14: White Water, CA – Joshua Tree, CA

May 15: Joshua Tree, CA – Twentynine Palms, CA

May 16: Twentynine Palms, CA – Chambless, CA

May 17: Chambless, CA – Essex, CA

May 18: Essex, CA – San Bernadino County, CA (Just east of Mojave National Preserve)

May 19: San Bernardino County, CA – Bullhead City, AZ

May 20: Bullhead City, AZ – Kingman, AZ

May 21: Kingman, AZ – East of Kingman, AZ on Hackberry Road

May 22: East of Kingman, AZ – Seligman, AZ

May 23: Seligman, AZ – Ash Fork, AZ

May 24: Ash Fork, AZ – Williams, AZ

May 25: Williams, AZ – Flagstaff, AZ

May 26: Flagstaff, AZ – Cameron, AZ

May 27: Cameron, AZ – Tuba City, AZ

May 28: Tuba City, AZ – Tonalea, AZ

May 29: Tonalea, AZ – Kayenta, AZ

May 30: Kayenta, AZ – East of Kayenta, AZ on US 160

May 31: East of Kayenta, AZ – Teec Nos Pos, AZ

June 1: Teec Nos Pos, AZ – Four Corners, CO

June 2: Four Corners, CO – Cortez, CO

June 3: Cortez, CO – Mancos, CO

June 4: Mancos, CO – Durango, CO

June 5: Durango, CO – Pagosa Springs, CO

June 6: Pagosa Springs, CO – East of Pagosa Springs, CO

June 7: East of Pagosa Springs, CO – South Fork, CO

June 8: South Fork, CO – Monte Vista, CO

June 9: Monte Vista, CO – Mosca, CO

June 10: Mosca, CO – Gardner, CO

June 11: Gardner, CO – Walsenburg, CO

June 12: Walsenburg, CO – Fowler, CO

June 13: Fowler, CO – Rocky Ford, CO

June 14: Rocky Ford, CO – Las Animas, CO

June 15: Las Animas, CO – Lamar, CO

June 16: Lamar, CO – Hartman, CO

June 17: Hartman, CO – Syracuse, KS

June 18: Syracuse, KS – Lakin, KS

June 19: Lakin, KS – Garden City, KS

June 20: Garden City, KS – Dighton, KS

June 21: Dighton, KS – Ness City, KS

June 22: Ness City, KS – Great Bend, KS

June 23: Great Bend, KS – Lyons, KS

June 24: Lyons, KS – McPherson, KS

June 25: McPherson, KS – Marion, KS

June 26: Marion, KS – Cottonwood Falls, KS

June 27: Cottonwood Falls, KS – Lebo, KS

June 28: Lebo, KS – Williamsburg, KS

June 29: Williamsburg, KS – Fontana, KS

June 30: Fontana, KS – Archie, MO

July 1: Archie, MO – Blairstown, MO

July 2: Blairstown, MO – Green Ridge, MO

July 3: Green Ridge, MO – Pilot Grove, MO

July 4: Pilot Grove, MO – New Franklin, MO

July 5: New Franklin, MO – Hallsville, MO

July 6: Hallsville, MO – Rush Hill, MO

July 7: Rush Hill, MO – Bowling Green, MO

July 8: Bowling Green, MO – Pittsfield, IL

July 9: Pittsfield, IL – Winchester, IL

July 10: Winchester, IL – New Berlin, IL

July 11: New Berlin, IL – Mt. Pulaski, IL

July 12: Mt. Pulaski, IL – Clinton, IL

July 13: Clinton, IL – Saybrook, IL

July 14: Saybrook, IL – Rankin, IL

July 15: Rankin, IL – Boswell, IN

July 16: Boswell, IN – West Lafayette, IN

July 17: West Lafayette, IN – Logansport, IN

July 18: Logansport, IN – Wabash, IN

July 19: Wabash, IN – Huntington, IN

July 20: Huntington, IN – Monroeville, IN

July 21: Monroeville, IN – Cloverdale, OH

July 22: Cloverdale, OH – Findlay, OH

July 23: Findlay, OH – Tiffin, OH

July 24: Tiffin, OH – Sandusky, OH

July 25: Sandusky, OH – Amherst, OH

July 26: Amherst, OH – Cleveland, OH

July 27: Cleveland, OH – Painseville, OH

July 28: Painesville, OH – Ashtabula, OH

July 29: Ashtabula, OH – Edinboro, PA

July 30: Edinboro, PA – Corry, PA

July 31: Corry, PA – Warren, PA

August 1: Warren, PA – Bradford Regional Airport, PA

August 2: Bradford Regional Airport, PA – Coudersport, PA

August 3: Coudersport, PA – Galeton, PA

August 4: Galeton, PA – Mansfield, PA

August 5: Mansfield, PA – Canton, PA

August 6: Canton, PA – Wyalusing, PA

August 7: Wyalusing, PA – Factoryville, PA

August 8: Factoryville, PA – Waymart, PA

August 9: Waymart, PA – Shohola, PA

August 10: Shohola, PA – Oak Ridge, NJ

August 11: Oak Ridge, NJ – Paterson, NJ

August 12: Paterson, NJ – New York, NY (FINISH!!!)


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